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CinemaBox Not Working: How to Fix The Different Issues?

September 18, 2017

CinemaBox is one of the most interesting entertainment apps that can be the perfect addition to your phone, which is just too perfect in its features. This app offers all the latest television shows and latest released movies in just one tap of the finger. All the contents of this app come in HD, and with it, there are facilities to choose from other resolutions too. Here you can both stream and download all your favorite films. But it is true that in spite of having so many facilities, this app at times annoys its users as there are certain problems with the app occurs often. Here we will discuss some of the CinemaBox not working issues and let’s check out how you can solve them on your own.

Error Occurred When Downloading Movie

This is a constant issue that bothers the uses often.

•    First, go to settings > Time on your mobile device.

•    Then, change the time to 01-01-2015 and then save it.

•    Now, change ‘automatic time/date update’ setting on your device.

•    Finally go back and play a movie in HD without any errors.

More Info Here: Cinema Box

Can’t play link

•    First, shutdown this app on your device.

•    Then turn off mobile data (3G/4G).

•    Now turn off your Wi-Fi radio.

•    Next, run the app without the data connection.

•    Finally, turn on 3G or Wi-Fi and play a video.

Cannot Turn On Subtitles in Cinema Box

•    First, open the app on your Android or iOS device to stream the favorite movies or TV episodes for free.

•    Then, search for your favorite TV episode, say Game of Thrones on the app

•    Now, tap on “CC” at the bottom left-hand side of the screen

•    After that, tap on the “Get New Subtitle” to get the subtitles of the selected movie or episode from internet

•    Next, select the language you desire from the popup menu.

•    Finally, enjoy your episode with the on-screen subtitles on the CinemaBox app.

CinemaBox for PC Download Process

How to Turn Off Subtitles

•    After opening any TV episode or movie, choose the time from which you wish to disable subtitle

•    Restart the video immediately and scroll to that time instantly

•    It’s done, and you can now watch your video with no subtitles.


If you download CinemaBox on your device, we are most certain that you will have a great experience with it. In case you have issues with the app, the solutions we have provided would be good enough for you. We are assured the above-mentioned problems are those which the users often get troubled with, and thus the CinemaBox not working problems can be solved easily with this guide. Do share your experience with these solutions!

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