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How to Download Vidmate for Windows 8 PC

Vidmate app is a great video downloading app which serves magnificent services to its age-old users and offers unlimited TV Shows and movies. Users via Vidmate can download the current as well as cult movies in various qualities including viral videos too. The video downloading app covers almost 200 live TV shows of multiple genres like sports, entertainment, news, etc. Windows users massively use Vidmate for PC. Therefore, on a further note, we are going to narrate about Vidmate for Windows 8 in order to offer you the step-by-step information about the process of download.

How to download Vidmate for Windows 8 PC on your Windows 8 devices?

First and foremost you need the minimum system requirement to download Vidmate for Windows 8. Check the point-wise requirements that are given below.

Minimum System Requirement

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8
  • RAM: Minimum 512 MB of RAM
  • Internal Storage: Minimum of 20 GB of free space in your Windows PC device.

Mentioned below are the steps which will take you further in order to download Vidmate for Windows 8. Read on to know them vividly.

STEP 1: First of all you need to download an Android Emulator in order to carry forward with the downloading process of Vidmate for PC windows 8. There are several Android Emulators available such as ‘Remix OS, AMIDuOS, Andy or YouWave Emulators. After downloading the emulator, install it on your Windows 8. Here we are going to recommend you to download AMIDuOS emulator from the official site.

STEP 2: Second, download Vidmate and as soon as the app gets downloaded, visit the directory where you have saved the file. Right click on the Vidmate and then select the ‘Apply to DuOS’ option. A notification will appear in the Taskbar alongside the Vidmate icon in the menu.

STEP 3: Finally, to finish off you have to click on the Taskbar balloon, whenever you wish to download your favorite TV show or movie from the Vidmate app.

Wrap Up

Vidmate has a long queue of fans who evidently love the app due to its seamless and cost-effective services. Despite its unavailability in Google Play Store, Vidmate, the Android based app is massively used by Android users by implementing few tricks. We hope we have been dedicated to serving you steps on how to download Vidmate for windows 8 in a comprehensive manner.

Cartoon HD for iPhone: Follow The Steps To Download The App on iOS Devices

Remember those days, when cartoons were an integral part of your life? Whatever you used to do, you would relate it to those small animated characters. And when it was time for you to have your food? There always cartoons were the only source of energy, to pull those nasty foods into your stomach. Yes, cartoons have really helped in every possible way. But now with time, our taste got differed, and now we stand on our feet as an individual. But does that mean we have entirely forgotten how Noddy taught us to be as simple as sugar? Do you remember how Tom loved Jerry even after their biggest fight? No, no, we never can get out of our first love; as first things are always special. So, we get this video streaming app, where we actually can recapitulate about our past golden days. So here’s presenting the description of the app.

Cartoon HD video streaming app offers you not only those tiny little characters but also gathers various TV shows along with desired videos and movies. In another way, we can frame it as all-in-one entertainment app. Users get a smooth and seamless interface so that even people, who are not so much into the tech world, are able to understand how to stream videos. Moreover, you will be updated with the newly launched cartoons, videos as well as movies. So use the Cartoon HD app, and be update.

But wait…

Do you know the steps of downloading the Cartoon HD app? We assume that you don’t. Maybe that’s the reason why you are here and reading this article. Presenting you, the Cartoon HD downloading process for your iOS devices; read below very carefully:

1st Step includes- This is important to note, that you have to change the date to 1st of August 2014. To do so, you need to visit your iPhone and iPad General settings. From there find the option to change the date & time. There just go for changing the date and not the time.

2nd Step includes- Open Safari from your iOS device and go to the site from the link that will be provided to you below. But remember one thing, you might be getting various fake Cartoon HD files,  click on the link that is provided and don't fall into the trap.

3rd Step includes- You now need to install the app on your iOS devices (iPhone or iPad), by pressing the install button from there.

4th Step includes- After you have installed the app, at first when you will open the app, you will be witnessing a pop up which will be named as Untrusted App Developer. This is normal, and you don’t need to worry about this; the reason is that you didn’t download the app from the official App Store. So without worrying hit the ‘Trust’ option and seamlessly use Cartoon HD app for your iOS devices.

5th Step includes- Now you are able to reset the date and then click the ‘Set Automatically’ button.

Wrap Up…

Cartoon HD offers the finest video streaming services, so just don’t wait anymore, enjoy the service and travel through the cartoon days of your life.

The Importance of Freedom HD App To Gamers

We cannot deny that smartphones have made our lives easy, but it is also undeniable that it has become the reason of our wasting time. But to save us from the clutch of time wasting there is another app called Freedom HD, which helps us to keep our focus intact at the moment of our study or doing some important work.  Currently, there are over 350,000 Freedom users, and we can understand why!

But what is most compelling is the growing body of important research in the fields of distraction and productivity. This research shows a staggering need for people to gain control over their relationship with technology. Consider the following highlights from recent studies we get to know that writers, software developers, researchers, students, editors, executives, and marketers are being benefitted from this amazing app.

The Need of Freedom HD

Studies have shown that every time we check email, a social feed, or respond to a notification, our mind requires 23 minutes to focus again and to get back on task. It is a phenomenal cost to our entire workforce and each of us individually as we fail to do our best work.

Well, the research is certainly suggesting against multitasking. While we may feel incredibly productive jumping around different tasks, we are 40% less productive when multitasking. Multitasking may even decrease your IQ by 10 points!

Willpower, on the other hand, is much like other resources, is limited and practically we use it so much in our daily toil that we use it up to the end.  Distractions take effort that results in a temporary depletion of willpower. And while we try to ignore it or shut it off, the digital world is intentionally designed to win the battle.

How Freedom HD Helps

With the help of Freedom HD, the user can block websites and apps or the entire internet if you want to. With your distractions blocked, you can get into your workflow and stay on task.

Just working distraction-free helps break the habit of checking whatever digital source is beckoning. The more you experience Freedom time, the more you’ll find it indispensable.

The users will be amazed at how much you get done using Freedom. We hear all the time from happy users about how unaware they were of the negative impact distractions had - until they experienced the zen-like quiet of Freedom time.

Final Words

Now we can say that while the technologies have been a boon to us, it also becomes the reason of our complications. Freedom is in this context is a real game changer which guides us, instruct us and tries to modify our goal and focus. So download Freedom apk, as it is needed anywhere and everywhere; where our work is concerned!

Playbox is the best HD streaming app: Find Out Why?

There is hardly any smartphone user who is not familiar with the app ‘Cinema Box.' This app is the storehouse of great collections of HD videos. For all the entertainment fanatics Playbox is the answer of all your favorite movies, TV shows, latest music videos, cartoons, and anime series. The best part of this entertainment app is it requires no subscription whatsoever and is absolutely free! The app is also available on multiple platforms. It includes both Android and iOS. There’s no reason for it not to be the most awesome app for entertainment to use.

But if someone is not that acquainted with the app then they must know about the features of the app to fathom the reason behind its popularity. Let us now take a look at the features of Playbox app. Well, the features are just great and the best part is everything of this site is absolutely free. Let’s take a look at the awesome features of Playbox:

HD Quality Video

The basic demand of a hassle free cinematic experience is its video quality, and we must say Playbox has some of the best quality prints for each movie and TV shows it provides. The app’s database has multiple prints of several movies as well, especially the popular ones. So that means this app ensures you to always get the best quality content.

Quick download

Downloading movies or TV series via the Playbox makes sure you get all your content delivered right into your Android device’s internal memory. This makes it easy to get all the movies and TV shows you want to watch offline. The speed of download can be raised using apps like TubeMate or Vidmate as well. The free downloading option is undoubtedly one of the best features of Playbox.

Large Video Library

Playbox is proud to hold content that is wide and expansive. It offers multiple genres marking your choice wider and also doubling up as filters, there is a plethora of movies, TV series, and anime that it might just overwhelm you. There are varieties of Action, Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi and more movies on the same app.

Subtitles in multiple languages

Playbox takes care of your language references. Those, who don’t have English as their first language or who have trouble following the audio, Playbox has the best quality of Subtitles for them. The app also makes sure you have control over the language preferences of the subtitle. There are subtitles for multiple languages supported, including Spanish, the most commonly sought language in the app. There is hardly any good app that is so much detailed like Playbox.

Upgradation of Library

Playbox makes sure the library is regularly updated, to offer its viewers more options than possible! New episodes of TV shows are added almost immediately as they release. New movies can be found every day, and the home page is fresh with newly uploaded content after every week!

Kids’ mode is enabled

For those who are worried their kids might use the app to watch age-inappropriate movies or TV shows, the users can have Kids Mode to protect your kids’ innocence.

So it is proved that no other app can replace Playbox in its innovation and features. So why are you waiting go and download it!


Guide to Download Videos via SnapTube APK

SnapTube is a video downloading application which has brilliantly served magnificent services in the field of video downloading. The best thing about this app is, snaptube apk comes absolutely free of cost, with HD videos as well as low-quality ones, in case users don’t want to download the HD quality ones. Snaptube app adds up more in the feature list by offering users a pesky-free video watch experience, i.e. the app doesn’t come with those annoying ads to get distracted. Mentioned below are the in-depth steps to guide you on how to download videos via this excellent video downloader. Read on to know more.

How to download videos via snaptube apk?

SnapTube is a video downloader offering multiple genres of music and videos to download the contents and watch them accordingly. Mentioned below is the in-depth guide to download videos through the video downloader. Check them carefully.

STEP 1: First and foremost open Snaptube apk and visit either of the sections mentioned as Top or Popular in order to view the recent and popular videos.

STEP 2: If your desired video is not present in the list in snaptube apk then you need to tap the keyword of your favorite content in the search bar located at the top. Suggests will come as soon as you type the keyword, press accordingly and then carry forward with the next step.

STEP 3: As soon as a result appears on your screen, find the video according to your preference, then click the arrow that you can see at the right-hand side of the video. Or even you can tap on the video in order to recheck it and then on the right bottom hand side you will see an arrow indication ‘download’. If you wish to download the content, then press the arrow.

STEP 4: Have patience as snaptube apk will now try getting the URL.

STEP 5: After that, a list of audio, as well as video formats, will pop up on your screen; you just need to select them according to your preference. After choosing the video quality, tap on it in order to proceed.

STEP 6: Now you don’t have to anything as the downloading will start immediately after you tap to proceed. Just have patience and wait until the downloading process gets over.

STEP 7: Now you are eligible to watch the video offline and enjoy the world class entertainment.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, SnapTube is an Android app which can also be accessed on Windows phone or other devices. Using an Android emulator (say for e.g. AMIDuOS Android emulator) one can easily access snaptube apk that is absolutely cost-effective, where users don’t have to spend a single buck for it.

You TV Player: An App for All the Entertainment Lovers

These days, lives are real hectic, and there is hardly any time for us to spare on the entertainment. But for those who love movies, now there is a simpler solution for them to satisfy their demand any time with just a tip of the finger. Yes, there are multiple apps that provide an option for streaming and downloading movies or television series, latest as well as old for the entertainment lovers. One such app is You TV Player. It is free, and there is no hidden cost, so the user can get6 the benefit of this app without being bothered about all that.

You TV Player is a very interesting application that helps the user to be entertained with the latest TV Shows as well as Movies. Known as the real substitute of the popular websites like the YouTube, You TV Player comes is more than just a streaming app. It is a game changer entertainment app that can be fit for mobiles as well as laptops, computers. As the You TV Player for PC enables this on the bigger PC screen,  it makes the experience all the more awesome.

Here we have discussed the features of this app to understand it functioning better than ever!

You TV Player Features

  • You TV Player is known as the substitute for popular websites like the YouTube, but with the better video quality and buffering free streaming. While You TV fails to provide latest movies, You TV Player is perfect for getting all the latest releases, whether a movie or a television series.
  • You TV Player has a good enough number of cartoon shows those are aired on Cartoon Network or Nick. Thus not only movies and television series, this app is perfect for the cartoons too and thus not only adults, but the kids too can enjoy this app.
  • The user interface of You TV Player is very much easy-to-use. Anyone who has got the app and is not an expert in the handling of such apps will find it easy to get access to the huge list of movies and videos that are available in this app.
  • The app You TV Player supports Chromecast. Most of the apps with similar kind of features are not supported with the Chromecast and here lies the importance of this app. So if the user has a TV that supports Chromecast will get a better experience of watching movies and videos through the You TV Player.
  • You TV Player is supportive in Android, IOS, P.C., and Laptops too.

It is a fact thus such apps have made our lives smooth, and with time it has become part of our lives. You TV Player is a new app, and within no time it has become successful to grab the market with their vast range, easy use and a grand collection of movies, cartoons, and television series. So just download it and enjoy your favorite shows and movies like never before!

Why Should You not Download ShowBox?


With the revolution of the smartphones, the entertainment has come within reach of one single tip. Now as we want everything instantly, the apps are working their best to provide us all the service we are demanding. The app ShowBox comes to our mind instantly when we talk about the entertainment apps. This particular app is most popular among all as it offers various options for streaming and downloading. But we cannot deny the fact that there are a lot of controversies regarding this app and some even advise us not to download this app on our phones, PCs, and Laptops. But why? Let’s delve deep into the matter to know that is wrong with this app!

The first and basic point is it is illegal to watch contents that are copyrighted. ShowBox violates this ethical point and provides movies and shows, and it should not do. It is for such pirated apps; the makers failed to get the money from their product, where people have invested their money and energy. While audiences enjoy the movies, the makers left deprived.

As a file sharing service ShowBox allows you to stream or download movies and TV shows. But at the same time, it slows down the mobile device or ends up using all your data and eats away the device’s battery life. That means in return for offering you a free service it strains the health of the device. The users may not know what kind of effect it might have on their computers, laptops and other mobile devices.


There is another issue with is app. Some of the users of ShowBox have complained that after the first few downloads the app stopped working for them. This indicates that there are bugs in the app that can affect the software make it not worth downloading.

If these are not enough, there are even fears of hackers thanks to such illegal apps like ShowBox. ShowBox is a file sharing service, and such apps are too risky as it can ruin the computers because hackers will not hesitate to install undetected viruses in them. And as they are already illegal, apps like these can be too vulnerable.

We all know that ShowBox is not allowed in Google Apps Store and even in IOS devices. And the reasons we just discussed justify the ban. At the end of it what we can conclude with is there are serious reasons why anyone should not download ShowBox, though we cannot deny the allurasions it offers. So be reasonable enough for not choosing such dangerous apps like ShowBox.